US Embassy empowers young aspiring Bangladeshi journalists

Staff Correspondent

April 18th, 2024 | 04:59:09 PM

The US Embassy in Dhaka concluded a three-day TechCamp workshop conducted from February 6 to 8 that aimed to empower 50 aspiring journalists to combat misinformation, fact check, and learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) best practices.

Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau (ECA) of the US Department of State in partnership with the Global Youth Leadership Center (GYLC) Inc, TechCamp organized the workshop to foster technological innovation and empower future leaders to address real-world challenges through pragmatic solutions.

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas spoke with the trainers and participants and emphasized their crucial role in shaping the future of media literacy, combating disinformation, and upholding journalistic integrity.

"Together, we can harness technology to educate people and enhance online security and democracy," he said while congratulating the cohort. The US Embassy remains committed to supporting Bangladeshi civil society, protecting vulnerable populations, and promoting technological innovation, according to embassy's media note.

This commitment extends to programs like Youth Vote Matters, English language learning, STEAM education, internet safety literacy, and addressing misinformation through partnerships with alumni groups and civil society organizations, it added.

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