2024 JS polls was fairest in Bangladesh since 1975, says PM Hasina

Staff Correspondent

July 24th, 2024 | 09:04:55 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today (February 7) said January 7, 2024, polls was free, fair and most credible in Bangladesh after 1975.

She made the remark in a view exchange meeting with Gopalganj district Awami League leaders and activists at her official Ganabhaban residence. She said, "I think the election that was held in Bangladesh on January 7 this year was the freest, fairest and most neutral since 1975." The premier said the BNP-Jamaat wanted to foil the January 7 polls by doing various misdeeds. “But the most important thing of the election is that the people spontaneously went to the polling stations and cast their vote,” she said.

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